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Discover Madrid

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The Teleférico, Madrid´s spectacular cable car, offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to soar high above the city and look down over some of its most historic buildings and some of its greenest quarters. Monumental structures, interweaving road networks and parks and gardens are laid out below in one of the most spectacular views to be seen in the city.


History of the Teleférico de Madrid


Madrid’s most unique tourist attraction, the Teleférico, dates back to 1969. Built by the Swiss company Von-Roll, it runs between the centre of Madrid and the Casa de Campo, the city’s green heart.


This is a completely ecological method of transport that rises high above the traffic jams, enchants both children and their parents, and attracts a huge number of tourists.


The technology behind the Madrid Teleférico, which in its day represented a revolution in the way this kind of construction was built, is still at the cutting edge as far as reliability and safety are concerned.


The eighty cabins carry their passengers the 2.5 kilometres between the Teleférico’s two stations in eleven minutes, reaching a maximum height of 40 metres above the ground.